Deka Laser Smart US-20D | Dental CO2 Laser

Deka Laser Smart US-20D | Dental CO2 Laser

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The Smart US-20D CO2 Deka laser offers the practitioner the ultimate soft tissue therapies and laser surgery solution in all areas of General Dentistry, Periodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Within soft tissue procedures, the Smart US-20D CO2 Deka laser provides operators the ability to have unparalleled control with unmatched levels of precision and accuracy. Recognizing the extremely high water absorption characteristics, the major component of soft tissue, this device gives the clinician predictability as never before.



For more than 30 years, DEKA has been innovating the world with medical laser systems and new therapies, improving the work of doctors and the well-being of patients. The Smart US-20D is one of DEKA’s most advanced dental CO2 laser solutions for practitioners.


Key Features

UltraSpeed Pulse

Deka’s propriety UltraSpeed pulse, with high peak powers, allows the clinician the capability to incise tissue with the speed of a scalpel while sealing blood vessels for a bloodless surgical field. The speed of the pulse allows the surrounding tissue time to cool. The result is virtually no trauma to the surrounding tissue. This means faster, more precise incisions, and improved healing properties.

In turn, this leads to more effective treatments with next to no downtime-many times without the need for sutures. Because of the laser’s precision, power and control, the Smart US-20D Deka laser is the dental CO2 laser of choice in oral surgery and periodontal procedures. It provides the broadest procedure spectrum of any dental laser available.


Deka Laser User Friendly


The Smart US-20D has an average power of up to 25W in CW mode, high peak powers in PW mode with repetition rate up to 100Hz, and perfectly designed handpieces. Additionally, it is easy to be moved, changed and replaced. No water or air connections are necessary.




Deka Laser SR Technology

SR-Technology: A Technical Evolution

“Sapphire Resonator” Technology has changed the emission of CO2 laser energy completely. Formerly, strong CO2 carbonization of the tissue surface could obstruct visual control, which is especially bothersome in microsurgical procedures and implantology applications.

SR-Technology eliminates the unwanted side effects and provides for laser emission free of carbonization (in the PW-UltraSpeed mode) on the tissue, giving the practitioner at all times a clear view without obstruction. Hemostasis and coagulation effects are not reduced or diminished. All know CO2 laser benefits remain fully intact.


Deka Dental CO2 Laser HandpieceHandpieces

This Deka CO2 laser offers a brand new design in handpieces. The new design combined with their special tips allow practitioners to easily access all parts of the oral cavity.



Main Applications

  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • General Dentistry
  • Periodontics


Smart US-20D CO2 Deka Laser Technical Data

Type of Laser CO2
Wavelength 10,600 nm
Power to Tissue From 2 W to 24 W
Repetition Rate From 5 Hz to 100 Hz
Pulse Length From 0.2 ms up to 80 ms
Transmission System Titanium articulated arm
Control Panel Color LCD Touch Screen
Power Supply 115 Vac/3.7 A/ 50-60 Hz
Pilot Beam Laser diode 3 mW @ 635÷670 nm
Dimensions 112 cm (H), 48 cm (W), 55 cm (D), 38 kg


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